“Mysterious Building Where Ghost Smokes” Causes Panic Among Residents

Residents have been left frightened over a building which they claim has been occupied by a ghost who “smokes” there.

The residents of Mangaung area in South Africa said they believe there is a ghost in the building who smokes at night.

Residents are afraid to walk past the building, which was vandalised two years ago. They said a man was killed in the building last year and that was when the ghost started smoking.

A resident identified as Saki told Daily Sun:-

“When I saw this for the first time, I went inside to go and ask for a puff but there was no one there. I only saw zol on the floor.

“I told people about it but they didn’t believe me until they saw it with their own eyes. “We believe the dead man used to smoke here.”

Saki said he didn’t believe in ghosts before he saw the smoke but now he is convinced they exist.

“We see a light every night but no one is brave enough to go and confront the ghost.“We urge whoever is responsible for these vandalised flats to destroy them,” he said.

“The smell of marijuana coming into our houses is too much. When it’s hot, we go to bed late and sit outside.“I never see anyone going in there. The only thing I see is a light and the smoke. That ghost is disrespecting us,” said Saki.

A South African native doctor, Ndabazozmoya Sotshononda said the ghost could be someone whose family never did a cleansing ceremony after he died. She advised the family to get rid of the ghost because it could become evil.

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