Woman Raises Alarm Over Vulnerable Girl Being Used By Area Boys In Festac

The plight of a girl named Victoria who is reportedly being used and manipulated by area boys in Festac, Lagos – has been brought to the attention of the public by a concerned citizen.

According to the woman who saw the vulnerable girl naked in Festac market, the area boys/touts in the market sleep with Victoria constantly while on drugs.

It was gathered that the girl was taken home by a man and brought back to the streets after three days.

The concerned citizen who wants the girl to be helped by the appropriate authorities, made the revelation to Rita Egwu who shared it online.

Read below;

I saw this girl naked in the afternoon period where I went to visit my mother in laws tenant at Festac 23road market popularly called ( Festac Market).

I couldn’t hold myself Oooo. The moment I dropped my mother inlaw,I drove back to the place but couldn’t find her. Because of how dangerous that side could be at night I have to called my junior Bro who is a Soldier to escourt me to the market place..

So I can penetrate inside the market place. So I finally saw her and my Kid Bro took her this pix at around 8:pm. What I found out about her is that her name is Victoria and that she from Enugu State.

My worry is that she looks pregnant as a result of those area boys around the market place sleeping with her on drugs. A woman even pointed at a guy that the guy took her home and brought her back after three days.

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