Gabriel Afolayan Tells People What To Do When Miracle Doesn’t Come Quickly

Actor Gabriel Afolayan has advised people to make use of their inner eye instead of awaiting a miracle when in certain situations.

In the post he shared on Instagram, Gabriel Afolayan revealed why many make mistakes.

He also gave a reason why one needs to have a knowledge of himself in this life.

He wrote:

“Facts over believe. You’ve been on earth for awhile. How many mistakes can one make. There’s miracle no doubt but it doesn’t happen all the time. So why do you wait for it all the time. Open your inner eyes, observe, there have been ways you can sort out life according to what works for you, laid there by your maker.

“Don’t be too weak to study yourself. You have your own path and it is based on your observation, physical and mental. A repeated mistake is enough to solidify things in your heart that you have made bad choices to secure that. It basically implies “don’t do things that way again”. Make the jonzing no go too much. Some opportunities don’t present themselves twice.

“When you fall for same life tricks again, it then shows you haven’t been paying enough attention to yourself (observation). Build your inner radar. Miracles happen more
when your mind is connected to your body on things you need to do. No miracle will happen so soon if you keep making those imbalanced choices due to you not in total knowledge of yourself”.

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