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GiantGiver Peer to Peer Donation Platform Review



Good day to you all, Today I will be introducing you to a newly launched life saver peer to peer platform “GiantGiver Peer to Peer Donation”.

GIANTGIVER is a peer to peer donation platform with the vision to see many people been happy.

On this platform you can participate with the rest of mind and be rest assured to get 30% reward on your donated money after 30days.

Our Mission is to make life easier for the common man and basically to touch the lives of people.

GiantGiver Is A Social Financial Platform That Has Been Designed For Communities To Donate Money To Each Other Directly, In A Peer To Peer Method. A place where a Large Community Of People Donates Money To Each Other.

In Order To Help Each Other Fulfil Projects Or Personal Obligations.

  • We are Not A Bank.
  • We Do Not Collect Your Money
  • Neither We are An Online Business, High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) Or Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Program.

Reasons is because we do not have a central Bank Account into which all users send money into. Instead, Users Are Paired Together With Other Users On The Platform, And They Donate To Each Other Directly at Free Will.

GiantGiver Peer to Peer Donation

GiantGiver Peer to Peer Donation

1.1 How To Get Started on GiantGiver Peer to Peer Donation

If you want to be part of the community you should register on our official website

Please try all possible best to use valid details while registering otherwise your account will be removed from the system instantly, also endeavor to choose package immediately you register to avoid account restriction or blockage.

To register on Giant Giver, go to website and click on “Register” button under Account Section in the upper right corner.

Fill the registration form as listed below: (Fields marked with * are required)

1. Enter your First Name & Last name (as in your bank account).
2. Select your Gender
3. Enter your mobile phone number
4. Enter your E-mail (preferable mailbox is
5. Create your password
6. Necessarily Read the WARNINGS and check the box that you accept it.
7. Click on “Register” button.

Once you have completed all required fields there will be an activation page to verify your email address in other to activate your account. And also instructions on what to do next.


1.2 How To Donate Money (DM) on GiantGiver Peer to Peer Donation

You can donate money by transferring the money to another participant on the platform.


1.3 How to Receive Money (RM) on GiantGiver Peer to Peer Donation

After 30days of donating money you will be eligible to receive money from another participant willing to donate money (DM). Under this note, you have to pay 20% of your recommitted money before are eligible to get your complete money.

For Instance, When you donate #5,000 on 1st of May,  by 1st of June you are eligible to withdraw #6,500 but before you can get this.

You have to recommit same amount or higher your previous package, and then pay 20% of it, which is #1,000. When the system confirms your 20% recommitted money, then you are eligible to withdraw your total #6,500.


1.4 Do You Need To Refer Before Getting Paid?

You might want to ask maybe you need to refer before receiving your donated money?

The answer is capital NO, you don’t need to refer before you receive your money after 30days. Referring is just an extra source of income on the platform – Please note that you earn 5% of your Referred member’s donated money.

1.5 Who can join Giant Giver?

Any person of legal age can join the Giant Giver Peer to Peer Donation.

The platform doesn’t contrast people against one another and doesn’t act on the principle of “divide and conquer”.

Everyone contributes to the common goal. The participants are asked only to follow the recommendations and avoid otherwise.


Some of those things that has been put together that make them stand a test of time:

  • The System is Unpredictable in the sense that you can be paired to Donate Money (DM) and Receive Money (RM) at any time, you just have to be checking your user dashboard and email at least twice in a day.
  • Donation packages ranges from #5,000 to #20,000 i.e they have four packages for now #5,000 package, #10,000 package, #15,000 package and #20,000 package.
  • The system is unique because they have learnt from experiences and have used the weaknesses of other peer to peer platforms as our strength.
  • No fake Details, No room for multiple accounts, If you do, it will be deleted instantly. We have zero tolerance to scam.
  • There is transparency in the sense that there is equal opportunities between participants and the administrations.


Some Other Measures that has been put in place includes:

  • You should always remember to check your back office in at least twice a day (morning & evening time) as your order can come any day, any time.
  • Do Check your E-mail Address as we use this as means of communicating with you when you are to Donate Money (DM) or to Receive Money (RM).
  • Don’t pay into any account than the one shown on your dashboard.
  • Support center are always active to resolve all issue before and after registering.
  • Always try and send SMS notification to whom you paid to in other for him/her to confirm you on time.
  • Also send SMS notification to someone that is to pay you in other to remind him/her.

We can’t cover everything through this medium, more of these needed information are on our website


Thanks for reading, Happy Participating.

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