Since Tekno released Jogodo, controversies have ensued. Danfo Drivers attacked the singer claiming he sampled their song without their consent. Tekno settled with the aggrieved duo and another accuser, Prof. Linkin, came out to lay claim to the original idea of Jogodo.

Prof Linkin, who calls himself the father of Jogodo told Saturday Beats that he feels betrayed by Tekno and Danfo Drivers, who used to be his friends. He further expressed his disappointment about Danfo Drivers jumping in support of Tekno against him. He said that he feels their actions are motivated by money.
He said, “I cannot believe that Danfo Drivers are now fighting for Tekno and raining insults on me, calling me a hungry man. But they forget that I am only fighting for my intellectual property.
“There is a lot of betrayal in the music industry. I was the one that gave them the platform to release their first album. It is so painful. Tekno is not an Ajegunle person, but they are supporting him and neglecting me who grew up in Ajegunle with them.
“Some people would have used diabolical means to fight them but I can’t do that because I am a devout Christian.”
Prof Linkin, however, revealed that Tekno’s management team had reached out to him and promised that they would look into his grievance.


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