Newgioco is expanding its virtual sports services in Africa

Newgioco is expanding its virtual sports services in Africa

With 5 new distribution agreements, Newgioco is now offering its selection of virtual sports products to many locations in Africa. These new agreements cover Kenya, and other regulated areas of the region and will be bringing these exciting online events and services to a completely new market. Newgioco Group is also including their latest Color Lotto games in this package and the first location has been operating regularly since the 4th of March.

These distribution agreements will bring much-needed entertainment to the region, considering that because of the pandemic all major sports events have been canceled, with no new dates. We currently don’t know how long will this situation last and so all major events are being postponed indefinitely. This does not concern just sports events, the same is happening in every other industry and every other event. Meanwhile, online entertainment has been gaining traction with so many people stuck inside, looking for solutions to their boredom. We’ve seen a major spike in demand for online entertainment, casino games, online roulette, live sports events and more.

The perfect time to go online

Those industries that are capable of transitioning online have a much better chance of surviving this outbreak, while those who have always operated strictly offline will definitely have a tougher time staying afloat.

As the CEO of Newgioco, Michele Ciavarella has said himself, the recent suspension of live sports events has actually given a boost to non-sports online entertainment products and Newgioco is taking its chance with this outbreak and is entering unexplored markets.

The main product that most users are after with Newgioco these days is their Color Lotto we mentioned above. The product was developed by Virtual Generation Limited, which is the Newgioco subsidiary, and their recently launched has resulted in this expansion, giving the company five new distribution agreements across Africa.

With this specific agreement, the company will be providing its recipient with a variety of virtual sports products that will keep people entertained while practicing social distancing and looking for new ways to spend their time at home. The company has been having quite a year despite so many outside complications and has recently announced its expansion plans in Central and South America. The VG is growing and covering new markets and increasing its outreach every month and now that the times have put online industries way above irregular businesses this is the best time to take a chance and expand. VG has already established some connections and relationships in Africa since people are after their key technological advantages that deliver good revenue and are innovative and interesting for the investors and customers alike.  Their reputation is quite enviable all across Africa, mostly thanks to great products but also because of their regionally focused contents, which is hard to get from the bigger companies.

VG is currently working on also expanding its offerings and is developing its very own keno, online roulette and other virtual games set to appeal to the rapid growth of the company and the requirements of new and old customers.

The most promising region in the world

Diversification was always in the big picture for the company and it looks like they are finally taking the steps towards it. Since Africa is definitely one of the fastest-growing regions when it comes to online gaming, this is a great way to start. As accessibility to online services becomes more mainstream in Africa, the market will become even more valuable than it is today. This is why it was so important for the company to get there before other operators and to make necessary connections, deliver the sought after service and make their reputation even more appealing.


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