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#Sponsored: Effect Of Corona Virus On Entertainers By Mike El (Details)




CLINCHKID ENTERTAINMENT PRESENT COVID-19 AND HUNGER FREE ZONE ,A Facebook post by there frontliner @Mike El Ifeanyi

The majority,if not all of our school do not tackle seriously the question of carers on education. Schools have not started thinking seriously about the methods which can help pupils prepare for the decision that will affect there lives as an adult, Most people in our society seem to get the idea of careers education wrong, To most it may seems the case of fixing someone up with a job, But there is more to careers education than just job, Because there is more to choosing a life after school than just knowing about just jobs.

A career is a sequence occupation,jobs and position engaged in,or occupied, throughout the lifetime of a person. Psychologically, A career is a series of roles played by a person . Choice of and success in a career are determined in a part by the aptitude ,values,needs,prior experience and expectations of the person in question.

Entertainment can be taken as a career, Within the entertainment career, One can be an Artist,Actor/Actress,Player,Disc Joker, Director,Producer,Dancer , Comedian,Journalist and so on.

An occupation by contrast, is a type of work activity in which people engage,a group of similar tasks organized in similar ways in various establishment, An activity that has a market value and in which people are therefore payed to engage. Examples are Politicians, Philosophers,  Journalist, Presidents, Publishers, Physician. A person may change his occupation more than once during his working life,Shehu Shagari ,for example was a teacher before becoming a politician ,a cabinet minister,and a president, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe was a Journalist, a publisher and a politician

A job is just a way of making a living ,in a career you can feel that your abilities are being properly used ,that the work is worth doing,that it is interesting .In thinking about your career three questions are being asked

1) what information do you have,you cannot be interested in what something you do not know about

2) For what occupation,do you have the right academic, personal, physical and mental qualifications? What can you offer in the world of work?

3). What kind of satisfaction are you seeking from you career? What do you need to get from your work? What can the world of work offer you?

Two sort of information are needed in a job, knowledge for one self and knowledge of the widest range of job.

Knowledge of one self is the harder and more elusive of the two,it is particularly difficult for young people who lack a wide range of experience to know how the will react to a new situation . What can be done is to ask students how the stand on a number of key issues. Do our interest lie more in helping people or in making things? Is a long training in general entertainment preferable to a short training in a particular side of entertainment? What’s rank lowest/highest in job consideration: good promotion prospect ,good salary,good working condition ,high status,long time security, pleasant work mate’s , office work as against outdoor activities? this qualities are not all present in once job,Which of them are essential to make a good entertianer and job worth while? In pursuing further careers in entertainment ,which side of entertainment should be considered most ,those entertainment side we like most? those we mostly understand? or those which will lead to desired opportunity? Hopefully ,the same side will fit the three categories but since this is not always the case ,plans will always be made to strike the balance.

Since the world is on lockdown and there is no more mass gathering as entertainers works with crowd therefore bringing up hunger to entertainers

In the above reason that CLINCHKID ENTERTAINMENT Presents COVID-19 AND HUNGER FREE ZONE to breakfast two IMO STATE entertainers with #2000 worth of meal each


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